Call me Ishmael

The right wing lunacy espoused on the fly fishing message boards sets in at the end of the fishing season. It is most acute in the darkest hours of winter. The fly fishing Robert Redford has by then become a Dr. Mengele. But it is semi-deliberate… And certainly a form of delusion and fantasy.

Its cycle is annual…

It is a psychological menstruation of fishing men that can be observed every year, starting in late October.

Here is a series of text messages addressing the phenomenon.

One of the things I like about neff (and fishing) is having something in common w people I otherwise have nothing in common with. For example republicans. And morons. A lot of overlap there. But anyway. When guys just start dumping Fox News garbage on there it makes it harder to like the site. I boycotted for like three months couldn’t deal with it.


Yes. You said it well. Can I post this to my blog?

I meant magazine.


That’s good stuff.


Post what?

What you just wrote.

It is good.

Post whatever you want.


What shall I call you?

Call me Ishmael.

Will do.

Are you going to preface it with anything? Or just stick it up there?

Not sure.

I just liked the idea.

It was well said too.

Let’s face it, I need material.

Your words are good tho.


Charlie is brilliant.

Yes, content.

That you can monetize.

Page views.

Maybe monetize.

But now I am building a worker owned cooperative.

Since I do most of the work, that makes me look suspiciously like a capitalist.

Who doesn’t pay.

Now I give credit to all those who contribute.

I want a paying job someday that I actually like.

Don’t we all. Speaking of, gotta get back to the salt mine…

Eric Stroup Fly Fishing

Here is the best fly fishing video production company on the planet today.

Give this video a look.

Eric is a good guy and I’ve fished with him several times.

Julius Borges, on guitar, makes perhaps the finest guitars in the world today.  I did a search for his work and found a used guitar for about 9800 bucks online.

These are two true artists.

I have no patience for the product placement videos that are all the same, boring nonsense.

If hatch is a sponsor, in a 5 minute video you will get a shot of a screaming reel….

Nothing good about short product placement videos, with 20 corporate sponsors all getting in their boring, in video sales pitch.

Give this a look and visit Eric’s site at

O Captain! My Captain!

Some interesting thoughts from Boston Harbor…

Hi, Mr. Moore, I don’t think I know you, but its nice to meet you amongst these aggregate men.

Here’s my opinion, all foods are good when that kind of effort is made. Its like fishing…tonight, for example, I took the guys to what looked like a great looking fishing spot. The fact that there were no fish, does not take away from the greatness of the spot, it just goes to the fates, which have no authority. That chicken out ribs is great, taste or not, due to the effort and idea. If taste wasn’t there, its only a matter of time. Doing it again, letting the fates work out, that’s the difference. The fish will be there, the dish will turn out delicious. Just do it, have fun and don’t worry. Kudos to all you cooks and fishermen….I’m obviously drunk and haven’t caught a thing all weekend…

O Captain! My Captain!

I object only to the semantics, that the fates have no authority.

They have way too much authority.

But it is not right to allow the fates to ruin an otherwise fine day by taking away the fish.



Musings from Charlie

Any time available to fish?

Passaic pikes, perhaps?

Or some tapas?


I’m in. I need a week or so to tie some pike flies. I have a fat box of them but I keep the pike and bass stuff at my cabin in minnesota… Sundays and Mondays are my days to fish, but I have relatives visiting the city this weekend.

Free to fish any sunday or monday after that, and I’m generally always fishing on Monday. I think I might fish the south branch or the musky with a friend of mine next thursday as well, if you wanna rendezvous for that..

tapas. lol. am i detecting a papyrus joke??


Sundays are best for me.

Gonna get my rig for pikes ready to go for next week in the hope that works out.

Musky also sounds great if the Sunday trip for pikes falls through… I’ve never fished it, and wonder what I’m missing.

Hey I was just reading that 1% of the Passaic is wadable and you need a kayak or small boat.

I have a giant inflatable swan, so we’re covered.

Do you have any tennis rackets we can use as paddles?

I’m gonna work on a flotation device, unless you’re serious about that swan.

I’ll let you know by asap.

i do own a giant inflatable swan, but i was kidding.

sounds great. keep me posted.

Here’s my crazy plan.

I really want a canoe.

So I am trying to find a cheap one, without a hole in it.

We might want the swan, just in case.

dunno if my response sent so i’m sending again..

This is a solid time of year to pick one up on the cheap. But obviously, don’t feel like i’m expecting you to make this passaic trip happen. I’m pretty much always free to fish and just happy to get out wherever. It can happen any weekend so don’t rush to buy something that’s not right for you in the long run.

For all I know, you have more experience than I…so forgive me, but here’s my two cents on what to look for in a canoe..

For your purposes (mainly river stuff i’m assuming) you’re gonna want a canoe with no keel. Canoes can have keels that range from 1/2 — 1 inch. The keel allows you to point more rigidly, which generally means speed. The problem is that in a moderate current, a rock or a stick that catches on the keel can turn you sideways and flip you over instantly.

15 feet is ideal for rivers. 16 feet is a fine compromise. 17 is probably pushing it.

If the main purpose of the canoe is to take the kids on trips in the ‘dacks or whatever, you’ll want 17 1/2 feet with a keel for the compartment space/windy days.

All this being said, I take a canoe with a keel through fast, skinny water all the time. There are always close calls, but I’ve yet to go over.

Also note that the newer aluminum canoes weigh in at around 65 pounds and ones from the seventies can reach 100. I did a 1200 rod portage with a 115 pound wood-canvas canoe when I was like 14 and I’m a pretty skinny, so weight is not a huge deal. The only real factor is getting it back on the car by yourself if you take the kids out to the lake or whatever. And again, I can solo an 80 pound canoe onto my truck and i’m the skinniest nerd on the playground so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Royalex canoes are the SHIT for rivers and are rapidly going extinct. That’s probably the only canoe you could possibly get that will appreciate in value.

Just want to clarify that I’m very bored at work and just drank a cup of coffee. Sorry for the novel length post of things you probably already know.


Publishing deadlines

I asked my friend Tom to write an unpaid article for GB mag a few weeks back.

He seemed interested, but I haven’t received anything yet. So I decided to motivate him with this text message:

Tom, the deadline to submit your article today is today at midnight.

The problem with deadlines is that they pass. They motivate writers who publish for money… So if Tom doesn’t want to spend his time writing an unpaid article for GB mag, the deadline passing actually works for him.

So I added this twist to the deadline concept, and texted it to Tom…

If you miss today’s deadline, Tom, you will have to contend with the same deadline tomorrow.

Tying for Housatonic pikes

So I chatted last night with Joe D about a possible Housatonic trip. The Housatonic is a good fishery, but its trout are not our target.

We want pikes.

I’m contemplating patterns to tie for the trip, and have come up with an idea for a streamer that imitates a wounded, stocker trout. Perhaps one that had the misfortune of hitting a rock when it was dropped from the stocking bucket.

To imitate the fins of a wild fish, such as a brook trout, you need to be an expert at marrying feathers.

Not so when you are imitating the nubby fins of a stocker.

Joe has seen my tying.

“You’re good on the nubby fins.”

So what else will I need to tie my stockie streamer pattern?

“You’ll need to find pale feathers, from a sick bird.”

“So I should stay away from the fly shop for this one?”

“Go outside, and gather the feathers of city pigeons.”

I should be able to do that, Joe.


Tidal waters of the Hackensack

Too damn cold and windy for me today… Tell me how it goes if you decide to fish in this wind….

Went down to fish the Hackensack this morning with the homeless.





That’s a tent under that bridge.

One of the guys who lives in that tent is a striper fisherman. In the spring and summer he doesn’t have to use the tent, he just sleeps under a box near the water.

So he has it pretty good when its warm.

Good stripers there and an unobstructed view of the river.

I asked him if he had a fishing license, being whitey and concerned with the law.

He seemed pretty passionate that no license is required to fish these tidal waters.

I’ll check to be sure before I wet a line. I don’t want to be relying on the advice of the guy in the tent if I’m ever asked for my fishing license down there.

GB mag update

To my loyal team of unpaid writers and photogs,

It is no secret that GB mag is the best online fly fishing ezine in the world, and it is the best because of its unpaid talent.

This means that other, well funded publications may contact you, and offer you employment. The kind that pays.

If this happens, please stay loyal to GB mag.

How do you show your loyalty?

I will forward each of you a copy of my resume.

Provide a copy to anyone who contacts you.

No need to jump ship in secret.

We can jump ship together.

A Farewell to the Drake — TR from Charlie


I’m Drake. I’m Drake as hell. I’m so Drake that if a beer doesn’t make me squint with pale, insipid bitterness, it is by definition a bad beer. I have no room in my Yakima Rocketbox for beers like this–that’s how Drake I am.

It’s no secret that the Drake Magazine has been hemorrhaging readership since the launch of GB Magazine earlier this week, and I fear that the Drake may soon be eclipsed by this younger, fresher competitor.

And with good reason —

GB Magazine is a fine, turkey-dinner of a magazine. It has all the elements that I look for in a fly fishing publication, most notably the liberal use of the font ‘Papyrus’ which, contrary to popular belief, is not limited to applications in dinner menus and hummus logos.

I’m writing to announce that GB Mag will have exclusive rights to this and all future TRs I publish. I only ask that the readers please entertain the soundtrack provided in the link, because — well, I always liked that part of drake-style TRs and thought it might have worked out if it weren’t for the awful taste that permeates the fly-over states and their posters.

Thanks and best regards. (right click and open in a new tab…)

This was my first real season fishing in the Catskills. I got out a few times last year, but without a car I wasn’t able to do much damage.

I got ‘Red Lightning’ in March, and it’s taken me fishing just about every Monday of trout season.


The other part of my week is spent at a work-bench in a radio station. When I’m not running wires or tinkering with a broken piece of gear, I’m on the vice.

Here are some patterns I invented during my shift last week. PM me for the recipe.


I fished the Neversink Gorge eight times this season. Out of all the water I’ve covered in NY — the Gorge stands apart as it offers a chance at some real solitude just hours away from my Brooklyn apartment. For my last outing of the NY trout season, I could think of only one place to go. This time around, a friend and I would be camping at Oakland Valley Campground — just minutes from the gorge.


Boiling water is the key to a good bowl of oatmeal. Mine looked so flame that I had to snap this picture.


A few hours later and we were down in the Gorge. One of the first things I did when I got to the river was line up this shot.


As I was lining it up, a bald eagle flew right through the frame. I was too slow to squeeze him in, but caught up with him moments later.

The fishing was pretty slow, but eventually I felt the familiar tug of a wild brown. He took one of those prince nymphs I invented in the upper lip. In this particular picture, it’s hard to see the fish because I’m very handsome, and the eyes quickly become glued to my chiseled bone structure, and youthful glow.


This view wasn’t so bad either.


I spent along time changing nymphs, and messing with depth and weight but I couldn’t talk them into it. I switched to #10 ‘Montreal Whore’ and picked this guy up on my second cast.


Earlier in the year, I had a few 30+ fish days down there, but since September it’s been really tough. I even got skunked once. That second fish was all I needed to pack it up and call it a season.

The rest of my year will be spent fishing in Jersey. PM me if you want to meet up at the Vince Lombardi Rest Stop .