Discussion: Wisconsin spear fishing

Here is a discussion with CW, a fisherman from Wisconsin.

Below is a picture of about 5 muskies that have been speared to death.

But they’re all stacked up, and the spear is in the picture.

So, do I think somebody is coming back for the spear?


Do I think they’re also coming back for the fish?

I think so, but who knows.

Why so many fish? ¬†Aren’t they over the limit?

Aye, there’s the rub…

Apparently, whether right or wrong, the Native tribespeople are exempted from the local rules that protect against overfishing.

My words are in italics. CW’s are not.

CW, what species of fish are in that picture at Kentuck Lake?


And that’s in Wisconsin?


Is that a pitchfork there in the picture?


They spear them through a big hole they cut in the ice.



And why do they do this?

I’m not sure. Totally wasteful.

To improve walleye fishing maybe?

No no. They don’t care about that.

So it is just bloodsport?

Pretty much.

Good info. You mind if I post this conversation to my blog?

No sir!! The more people we make aware of this the better chances we have of actually making a change.

2 more questions…

Can you see musky through the ice? And why don’t they swim away when the ice is being cut?

Are you serious?

My first guess would be that the muskies hibernate in shallow water.

No. Not close.

Can you explain?

They cut the big hole and then sit in a big “dark house” basically like a ice fishing shanty. Then they have bait or a decoy lure hanging in the hole. When the musky comes in to look at the lure or bait they stab them. They sit for hours waiting for the fish to come to them.

Amazing. For nothing.

For nothing!

They shouldn’t be allowed to do this. It’s legal for the native Americans to do this.

Who do you think did it?

I have no idea.

Thanks for your time, CW.


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