Discussion: Ojibwe culture

Charlie is from Minnesota, and has some knowledge of the Ojibwe tribe and culture.

I asked him what he knows.

My words are in italics. His are not.

Charlie, do you know anything about the Ojibwe?

Yes. My father used to speak to us in Ojibwe.

He did?

The Ojibwe (correct spelling) word for Saturday night is…

Gee zee bee zee zah gah née gay gee zee god a nag a shig

All one word.

Literal translation is

The night we wash our sheets.

My dad took Ojibwe in college and that’s the only word he remembers.

He says it all the time.

If you said once a week, I’d believe you…

But yo I dunno if I wanna be published accusing them of poaching when I don’t really know where the shit even happened in Wisconsin…

I’ve done extensive research, and it might not be the Ojibwe… It could be the Chippewa…

The Chippewa and Ojibwe are the same… Different words, same root, refers to the same tribe…. How much research did you do?

Ok… let’s be fair….

It likely was a tribe, and regardless it was legal if it was done by a Native American.

But it really could be anyone.

I would like to publish everything including the concern over journalistic integrity.

That makes clear your uncertainty.

Ha. Okay perfect.

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