Here’s a response to JK’s commentary on the Science Advisory Board Reform Act.


I agree with your assessment, that we are moving toward more of a split of black and white which is an indicator of psychosis.  It also frightens me that we’ve moved recently in American Pop culture from our obsession with vampires (yes, a primitive fantasy of oral aggression, but still with obvious life drive and lots of sexuality) to zombies and the apocalypse.  This tips our societal unconscious hand here that we are interested in nothing but mindless death and killing–pure discharge and no construction.   This is the decaying mind of psychosis that comes from a loss of integrity of the psyche and society.  The best we can do against this decay these days seems to be addiction.  Addiction in the form of constant stimulation, which only heightens anxiety and that can only delay madness.  Have you listened to any news radio show (except maybe NPR) recently?  There is an even more constant bombardment of doom and anger which raises our primal threat centers and makes us more traumatized and more polarized.  This means its only me and anyone who looks like me against everyone else, and we shoot first and ask questions later.  We are locked in and need to be fed on any live brain, and there is no room to think.  The only guy who has any notoriety and consistent message and the balls to speak up and not be worried and being called “moonbeam” or hippie or something is Jerry Brown.  I voted for him when he ran for the Dems to be on the ticket in 1992, and saw him speak (with Joey Ramone, awesome) in Washington Sq Park.  He is the only one I’ve heard recently who connects us as humans to the planet as one.  Meaning that we cannot destroy the land, and kill off fish and habitat without destroying ourselves.  The problem here, which Jon made me think of, is that all the psychos are not interested in creation and life and love. They are interested in power and destruction of the self/other.  Unconsciously, they are the zombies and the killers of the zombies all in one, who get tons of pleasure and are psyched to have a “reason” to destroy.  We all have this zombie in us and I am also not trying to spilt them and us, but my request is that can we be brave enough to work and move towards at least living in the vampire fantasy again? Or if we are really the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave then have the balls to move more so towards the wolf man.  I mean that guy is really conflicted, and Teen Wolf, American Werewolf in London, and the Howling were awesome in the 80s.  


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