Sausage pics

The title of the post is a bit awkward, but I spent the better part of the morning cooking.

Then, I sat myself down, unbuttoned my pants, and looked down upon my mouth watering sausage.

And started snapping pictures of it to share on the Internet.

I am learning to cook, and I am starting as simple as possible.

Problem is, my kitchen got nothin’ in it.

I am like a fly tier without materials.

So I make do with what I have.

The Italian sausages turned out great, but I used my dog’s pyrex water bowl to cook ’em properly in the oven.

Sort of like using bucktail for the wing of a mayfly parachute.

Works just fine, maybe better actually…




Pasta sauce

I’m trying to learn…


Hey John,

Here’s the fast sauce:

Saute 1 chopped white onion in olive oil on med to med low about 15 min. Low and slow=sweet. Stir occasionally

Mince a couple cloves of garlic and add for about 45 seconds. 

Add 28oz can of crushed or plum tomatoes.

Add lots off basil fresh or dried.
Dash of oregeno
Dash of pepper

Simmer for 30 min, stir sides and bottom every few minutes.

Add salt and keep adding salt and keep adding salt slowly until it tasts right.

If you have tomato paste, put in a tablespoon or sowhen you add the can tomato. Not necessary.

Add a little, little hot pepper if you like.

Serve with buccatini pasta or favorite.



I’m looking over your old blog a little, and recalling how cool it was back when you took pictures.

You stopped when your wife took your camera, or computer or something like that.

Well, I think it’s time you take more damn pictures.


That sort of post is good and I’ll try to get back to that spirit…

Funny at that time I was pretty interested, sincerely, in my local waters, and the blog is really dedicated to New Jersey’s oddball wild trout that I decided to move beyond…

Sort of strange, because my best fishing and my bamboo and my health were really best then.

But I don’t think I’ll chronicle these local waters again.  I did it.

My life and writing is best when my mind is awakened by the people in it.

So the Marlborough post was perhaps best, for that reason.

And the Passaic pikes with Joe and Charlie.

Back then I was still sort of a bachelor, with a kid, sure, but alone was good.  The water sort of asked for a few simple sentences.

No wit.  Just honesty.

Now alone ain’t bad but unpressured connected time with people is precious.

A hug from Stephen.

And a text to Amy, telling her to tell Joseph that the Bubble Man is back at Liberty Science Center, is good for my soul.  Monday we’ll see the Bubble Man…

Sometimes I’m wracked by demons on those small waters.  I used to bring a 6 pack of steam to Fir Brook and wander with the dog.  Bailey.

The wandering worked.

There’s no death here.

Just completion at a time when I need newness.

Strange to say but those wild trout are the easiest damn fish on the planet for me to catch.

When I’m patient, anyway.

Fat and rushed, no fish man.

Deschutes June

Damn straight mofos…

Toan and I will be slow floatin, foam throwin, green smokin, our way down the grass-lined, salmonfly Deschutes.  It was 81° last mid June in the high desert of Oregon.  You don’t know the smell of the sage there, but Toan does and I remember it, and can’t wait to be back to a river I crossed several times in my travels and knew nothing of its magic. 

Across the continent, our brethren will be on the flats and may the south breezes blow then.  It’s bitter sweet to know that we will be fishing at the same time, and how can we be all together again.  Yes Jon, let the great lubricant of life slide us all together somewhere soon.  Low-budget, PBR, DIY is just my style. And if that’s not enough, it’s your turn to sponsor our bonefish trip!

Until then, you’ll find me on the ice….


Brown bear up close

In the past several years, I’ve had several encounters with black bears.

Most of my encounters were in the Delaware Water Gap, a beautiful stretch of river and forest along the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border, where black bear are abundant.

In a few cases, I walked around a bend in a trail, and stumbled upon a bear.

But I’ve been lucky, because the bears I’ve stumbled upon were still pretty far away, and didn’t seem to notice me.

I’ve also seen a few bears in the Catskills, in upstate New York.

Once while floating down the Delaware in my pontoon.

And another in the hills.

Black bears are mostly harmless.

So are other species of bears, really.

Tim Treadwell spent 10 years with wild grizzlies.

He did fine, really, until he was eaten.

But Treadwell wasn’t a tempting meal to these wild bears.

Instead, they avoided conflict. And each time that a bear came face to face with Treadwell, and didn’t eat him, it survived.

It helps to see these events from the bear’s perspective. Or from an evolutionary perspective.

For the bears, avoiding unnecessary and uncertain conflict is a matter of survival.

A bear that doesn’t eat you isn’t a good bear, or a friendly bear as Treadwell imagined they were.

That’s a normal bear.

A bear that seeks conflict is a gambler goin’ all in, who can’t see his opponent’s hand. Abnormal behavior.

Just gotta be wrong once, and the abnormal bear is a dead bear…

So conflict seeking, abnormal bears were taken out of the gene pool, long ago.

You still could be attacked, but if you don’t run, or otherwise show the bear your weak hand, you wont be…

Unless its an abnormal bear.

A full bellied bear is a harmless bear.

The bears that attack, in the rare cases that they do, are old and often starving.

They end up dead if they attack a human.

So the outcome here isn’t a surprise, but it’s still awesome to watch.

Winter rant of a liberal fly fisherman

I think its time to reach out to the citizens of Ferguson.   The black folks who get arrested for offenses like failure to register a vehicle or unpaid court fines.


Because white folks like me would like to fish the Yellowstone River, and its filled with oil from a broken pipeline.

We’re all getting screwed by the rich and powerful.  And the conflict between black folks and police is a scam.

Time to unite, folks.

And unite with the cops.  Yeah, they had a bad year.  Strangled a dude for selling loose cigarettes.

Imagine if Ken Starr strangled Clinton for the blow job, instead of just getting him impeached?

So yes, a black man was strangled this year for selling loose cigarettes by a police officer.  And the officer wasn’t indicted.

It was a bad year for the cops, no doubt.

But we need those cops.

Let’s look at what’s really goin’ on, starting with the Congressional blow job hearings…

And then another recent overreaction to an irrelevant indiscretion, to show that this stuff ain’t stopping:

No WMD’s here folks.

But we got an entire political party that sees WMD’s where they ain’t.

Startin’ shit over BJ’s and loose cigarettes.

Jail time for unpaid court fines and fees can create a cycle of poverty.

This is why people in Ferguson were so angry after the Michael Brown shooting, at least as I see it. The statistics show that a young black male in Ferguson can expect to be arrested more than once per year. The cops are victims here too, as they are being used as tax collectors to raise money off the backs of the poor, because the rich in America are not paying their fair share.

So time to unite, folks.

It ain’t the cops who are supposed to be raising revenue for our cities, by arresting poor men.


Why the budget shortfalls?????

Soon they gonna start arresting poor white people, to make this shit work.


I don’t think I like that, being poor and white and all…

Rice and beans

Hey Tony, JM, Max and the cooks out there…

My beans and rice turned out excellent.

I am serious about becoming a chef specializing in beans and rice. 

For perfect rice, the key is a rice maker.  Any other method is unnecessarily difficult and frustrating, like fishing with a fly.

For losers.

Anyone out there like me, and not know how to cook beans?

The canned beans are just one ingredient.

Use olive oil, fresh garlic and fresh onions.  Then add the beans to that mixture, with a cube of beef bouillon.

I will prepare some for you guys on the Cape, if I can make it for the stripers.

This cook needs a kitchen.




Comment on Yellowstone

Just re-read the past five or so blog entries. Brilliant, dude. Just great. Poo mittens…I will try them the next time I waddle my desperately poor ass to the patriots game and huddle in darkness below the luxury boxes, grasping onto my $11 beer for dear life.

But I would caution restraint from using “the schools (or any thing) are broken” argument. That is the language psychotics use to objectify and project things they wish to break…get people discouraged, and then when those things are wiped out, claim to be the heroes who eradicated the evil. (health care is broken…social security is broken…schools are broken…etc…straight up fox news propaganda).
The thing that is broken is a democracy that produces desperate parents, and therefore kids. Not the concept of public education. Focus on the parents (and why they are ineffectual),and the teacher. The parents are only “broken” because they live in an invisible world of desperation.

The thing that is broken is a democracy that produces masses of desperate people, the current social contract that inevitably produces this outcome, and money=speech. And as you rightly point out, the Koch’s (for example), the corporations, et al, and the supreme court, broke it.

We must consciously avoid using the language that produces these known and demonstrable results , or we set the destroyers up to be heroes, eradicators, and liberators as we cheer our own demise.  This is the true manifestation of “envy economics” despite how current “conservatives” are attempting to twist the term for their own perverted use.