Ode to June 20th

There are times when I wake up from my narcissism and look outward.

Not often.

But every once in a while.

Usually due to some disaster.

Because I am foolish.

When I need someone, because I can’t stand to be with myself at the time.

When I broke my hip there were some in my life who were scared.

And told me all I did wrong.

And what I must do differently from now on.

So as not to make them ever worry again.

Which is inevitable.

And so, much more painful and enduring than any injury.

And there were those who made me well.

And talked with me.

And took naps with me.

And came fishing with me.

And offered me understanding and hope, and with that,


A repair of the healthy components of my narcissism.

Thank you, my friends:













About JK

JK is a fly tier. I try to discourage his tying, because he is naturally talented, and I am not. There are things he can do on the water that I will never comprehend, or be able to do myself. For example, he can catch fish. He can also reel in a fish after hooking it. His pheremones make the nymphs horny, and bugs emerge when he’s near.

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