Tidal creeks



Stripers in here.   I will fish it, but need to watch for PCBs in the water and golf balls in the air…



These are tidal marshes.  The portion of the Hackensack River here rises and drops w the tides…

It is close to the confluence of the Hackensack and the Passaic.



These are tiny tidal creeks that fill at high tide.  Heron everywhere here means bait in the creeks, and hopefully stripers follow?



Across the Hackensack, that’s an old power plant that closed about 10 years ago.  I’m told that the warm water outflows from the plant meant holdover striped bass there back then… I’ve seen pictures of guides with their clients in front of the power plant, with stripers.

I’m wondering for now if the bass run into those little creeks.  Would prefer short casts into the creeks, with light gear, than long bombs in to the river, with a two hander.  Need to get you guys here if you’re willing to fish in these designer waders, specially made for the Hack…


Know the Hackensack well. Would love to check it out…


Yes!!!  Can you see the little tidal creek there?


Talk soon… Gonna do a half mile run!!

Then a plateful of lasagna and a 6 pack of beer.

Now that’s a great day.

Fish that creek at sunrise or set, sunrise better, whenever the tide is flowing. Go at different tides until you figure out when the fish are there.  Then it’s game on.

And celebrate with more beer and lasagna, each time, fish or no fish, because you’re figuring out the pattern.

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