Re: Why I caught the striper

Just read again.
Damn, dude, I love this.

I’ve got a great quote from Jim Harrison, the gist of which is:

Everyone knows this land of oxygen is a crematorium.
Only the water is safe.

The second original “sin”: leaving the water.

There are too many “sins” to count.

And a drive to return to the inorganic.

Now I’m thinking that the only “sin”, when not perversely changed to its opposite (re: Nike, just do it), is to acknowledge the worth of his drive back.

Just don’t do it. How’s that?

And fish like it, too.


About JK

JK is a fly tier. I try to discourage his tying, because he is naturally talented, and I am not. There are things he can do on the water that I will never comprehend, or be able to do myself. For example, he can catch fish. He can also reel in a fish after hooking it. His pheremones make the nymphs horny, and bugs emerge when he’s near.

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