Re: Why I caught the striper


In psychoanalytic terms, we’d call you a “drive theorist”.
This is considered the highest and deepest perspective of analytic theory. It is so mysterious and hard to grasp most people just forget about it and say it’s useless.
But it’s not.

That was a nice fish you caught that day, by the way.

Real nice.

I think big bass are like baitfish. They roll right over and say “get this thing out of my mouth and end this”.

It’s the little bastards that don’t know how to behave.

Freud had this idea, not surprisingly towards the end of his life, that all life has a drive towards death (one toward life, too). The death drive is essentially a desire to return to the inorganic…like rocks and dirt and stuff. To release all tension.

The balance to this is the life drive which seeks to increase tension, and unite disparate parts (like, for instance, banging booty).

This death drive and life drive are commonly “fused”.

For example, nothing like the sleep one gets after banging great booty, chowing down a left over turkey leg, and passing out.

The efforts put forth to get the booty increase tension, but this pursuit, if done right and completed, ends in the complete lowering of tension.

Then the whole shit starts all over.

So, we pack up our rods and hit the water again.


About JK

JK is a fly tier. I try to discourage his tying, because he is naturally talented, and I am not. There are things he can do on the water that I will never comprehend, or be able to do myself. For example, he can catch fish. He can also reel in a fish after hooking it. His pheremones make the nymphs horny, and bugs emerge when he’s near.

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