Split grip?

Split grip on spinning rod? Opinions?
Thinking I can grind the guide feet tomorrow when I’m over to my folks house for thanksgiving, and finally get wrapping a little.


Rolf disapproves, but I think it’s coolish, and it is very comfortable to be able to use a second hand and have a butt to jam in your gut.
It seems to balance the rod right in the hand.
But not “classic” at all.

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JK is a fly tier. I try to discourage his tying, because he is naturally talented, and I am not. There are things he can do on the water that I will never comprehend, or be able to do myself. For example, he can catch fish. He can also reel in a fish after hooking it. His pheremones make the nymphs horny, and bugs emerge when he’s near.

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