So lately I’ve been posting about politics and I probably won’t stop until after the election.

The thought of a Trump presidency has me spooked, and I see the whole process as a train wreck that seems like it was staged to happen – a natural consequence of our disfunctional system – rather than a one time, unfortunate accident of history that wont repeat itself after this election. I’m not suggesting a conspiracy, but instead a natural alignment of moneyed interests that has reshaped the political spectrum, and in the process left a vacuum – of disenfranchised working class voters – that Trump has captured with political venom and anger that I haven’t ever seen before in America.

But thankfully Charlie has scored a drift boat, so I’ll be on the water more frequently, at least until the end of this season.

I have mildly tried to stir up interest in my political rants, amongst friends, but the ideas aren’t really developed meaningfully, more than they are just therapeutic, streams of consciousness, throwing words onto the page as a record of thoughts that I can come back to and put into perspective later on…

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