How’d we get here?

So I’ve recently documented CEO pay at some major media corporations.

Bob Iger, CEO Disney/ABC, 44.9 million
Les Moonves, CEO CBS, 57 million
Philippe Dauman, CEO Viacom, 55 million

And I’ve linked to some articles where Les Moonves said Trump was “damn good for CBS,” and documented nearly 2 billion dollars of free mainstream media advertising that’s been given to the Trump campaign.

The sickness of Trump is his recognition of the greed of the mainstream media network CEOs. He has threatened not to appear on networks that don’t report favorably on him, including FoxNews. He actually walked out on a debate, to teach the media that he wouldn’t accept anything but softball questions.

And they listened.

He knows these CEOs just want more money, and don’t give a shit about anything else.

Just look at the numbers – men who are paid 50 million per year didn’t get there by abiding by some sort of limiting, ethical principle, to their pursuit of money. Consider Bob Iger, who fumes at the idea that Disney ought to pay its employees a living wage, while he takes home 45 million bucks.

As a matter of economics, nobody can work a job that pays less than a living wage: by definition, if you took that job, you’d starve to death. The shortfall is made up by public assistance. So Disney’s unethical treatment of its employees ends up costing taxpayers, and lining the pockets of corporate executives.

Who are the taxpayers subsidizing, by providing public assistance to hard working people? I’d argue we’re subsidizing the CEOs, and the pay figures above basically reflect that (although we are led to believe that the problem is with those who need the assistance, right?)

There is no limiting principle at CBS, only that “Trump is good for ratings,” so he gets coverage.

That greed has fueled the media’s obsessive coverage of Trump, and fueled his campaign toward the presidency.

That greed has also fueled hit pieces on Bernie Sanders’s campaign, and smeared his policy ideas, including universal healthcare, paid family leave, and free public college as unaffordable, debt creating, unrealistic and impractical nonsense.

Here’s a good article that documents a pattern of deliberate smearing of the Sanders campaign from the mainstream media.

I’ll try to document and provide links to other stories, from the mainstream media, that discredit Sanders’ policy ideas.

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