The state of nature and markets

Because markets cannot exist in the state of nature, it is inapposite to ask how a market would function, in the absence of government regulation.

The market would not function in the absence of government regulation.

So the better question to ask is how rights are decided in the state of nature (by force), and then reject any use of force in the market context, because by its nature force interferes with market function and threatens its very existence (we should try to eliminate differences in bargaining power that are predicated on actual force or on circumstances that result in outcomes like those based upon force, e.g., transactions induced by duress or necessity).

We should, therefore, use government to account for and eliminate differences in power that existed in the state of nature, and prevented the emergence of markets in the state of nature, and continue to interfere with the proper operation and function of markets in civil societies, i.e., rights based constitutional democracies.

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