Chuck C.

The greatest aspect of publishing an online magazine is getting writing, inspired and good writing, from teachers and regular folks who have good thoughts to share. Friends of mine, really.

Wiser than me.

GB Mag is a tiny publication, but its read by nearly every fly fisherman in the northeast.

Our readers probably total about 200.

Or 300.

(So perhaps not every fly fisherman reads us, in the northeast…)

But these are real readers, who read the articles. I am very proud of the quality of our writers. Authentic, real, good and most importantly, thoughtful people.

Hopefully after you read an issue, you are better for it.

Chuck is a teacher, like me. So summer means time for writing, time for family, time for fishing, time for friends.

He sent me this email today, and a story for publication in GB Mag:

Hi John. The story is ready and attached. The document looked good in terms of spacing and spelling when I edited it as a Word file, but I know that the spacing often changes when files transfer to other programs. Do what you think needs to be done with it. 

I don’t know how a straight 5-page story without pictures plays out on an online magazine. I didn’t have a digital camera at the time of this trip, so I don’t have any pix. I’m confident that all of the facts and historic events I used are true. 

It’s your magazine, so however you want to use my name is fine. I’m OK with Chuck Coronato, Barleywine, or Chuck “Barleywine” Coronato. Whatever you think works best for the nature of your publication.

Let me know if you have any questions. This story was kicking around in my head for a long time, and it was a lot of fun finally putting it together. GB Mag and your push definitely helped.


Here’s my reply:


I’ve fished 3 times w you, I think.

Once at India Brook, in the parking lot.  I cast your tenkara rig.  You gave me a fly.

We also met at the headwaters of the Passaic.  You also gave me a fly, because the fish were keyed in on a prolific hatch of stoneflies.  Tiny black ones.

That may have been the only time I’ve fished a small stream in Jersey, and fly selection mattered.

Then at boo fest with Ronbo.

This, Chuck, is a lot of chance meetings, but long odds usually have simple explanations if they keep repeating, over and over.

I too disdain those stocked fish, and NJ has a few wild trout streams. 

Perhaps we’re both looking for the same thing?

Not sure of your demons.  I know mine, they are plenty.

At my best, I look for peace outdoors, and in water.  Wild water.

You can also find peace in the wisdom of an old man.

Who is comfortable with his meager lot, if it still allows for time on the water, whatever fish it has.

If they get him outside, he has enough I guess.  No need to ask for more.

And if its good enough for him, its good enough for you to see him living well with less.

Good story.


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