JK and I have been talking about the issues below for some time now, and the best ideas are his. The article below is my summary of our discussions…

We live in a culture where the inconvenient truths of science are suppressed if they get in the way of capitalism.

Here’s a quote cribbed from an article covering the reforms proposed by House Republicans, to solve the terrible problem of the EPA “twisting the science” for its anti-capitalist, regulatory purposes:

“EPA has an extensive track record of twisting the science to justify their actions,” and so reform is needed, said Representative Lamar Smith (R–TX), head of the House science committee, in a statement supporting one of the bills.

So Congress passed a rule in 2014, suppressing expert scientific testimony to the EPA, and elevating the testimony of insider, industry lobbyists – to stop science from being twisted.

This is the context in which narratives develop in the United States, that purport to solve the problems of consumption in a capitalist society.

Birds covered in gooey oil after a spill need a bath in soap and water – definitely not government regulation.

The solution?

Dawn liquid detergent. It’s made from petroleum, coincidentally, but buying more of it is the best way that we, the consumers, can help clean up petroleum after a spill…


Does it make sense that we, the consumers, buy petroleum products (like Dawn), to solve one of the many problems of petroleum mining (oil spills)?

Is an oil spill an opportunity for an effective commercial advertisement for another petroleum product?

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This NPR article is also worth a read…

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