From delusional to psychotic

This article was the first we published to GB Mag almost two years ago. I edited it, so the voice of the article is mine, the ideas are JK’s.

The Endangered Species Act requires a certain number of fish, say salmon, to be present in a given waterway to evidence that the species is ok. By ok, I mean to say that the survival of the species is not under threat.

Now under the G.W. Bush Administration’s EPA, rules were adopted that said, well, the ESA doesn’t say how the fish gotta get in the waterways, it only mandates that they be there.

So they started dumping hatchery salmon in to watersheds on the Pacific Coast, and there were so many fish that the requirements of the ESA were easily satisfied. The numbers of hatchery fish in the waters showed that the fish were not endangered.

Now I’m no psychologist. I’m more of a frequent patient, actually, and I’d like to think that qualifies me to discuss mental health. Yes, its a bit perverse…

So never mind the motivations of the politicians, at least for now. They trick and deceive.

Its the people who vote for them that matter to me.

And they’re tricked by this stuff, and delusional about it.

But then, after so many years of this crap and dying waters and dying species, the politician has a problem. Should he continue to dump hatchery fish in to the waterways, if scientists testify that it doesn’t work, to the EPA?

The moment that the choice is made to exclude the evidence of science, on scientific matters, the process has become psychotic.

Before, people may have been happily deluded that the fish were ok. And the important thing, for the delusional folks, was the belief that they were ok. It mattered, and the delusion of abundant hatchery fish takes care of that.

But what happens if the scientists say they are not actually ok?

And back to the politician. He is representing corporate interests. His delusion is that that’s ok, or perhaps that deceiving the public is ok. What does he do when there’s a scientific consensus on an issue, and the public can no longer be deceived?

I got some comments, from email exchanges, about the difference between delusional and psychotic thought processes…

Look at climate change. For forty years, the delusion has been politically sufficient: “we need more study” or some such bs thing.

Now, the approach to deny this is full-on psychotic: we will banish our scientists from the political process. The stuff you found on the new house process laws says just this.

It is the same as “I am not a politician” as your political platform.

And, “no one is a political,” as citizens of a democracy. BS!

“Government IS the problem,” argued by the government.

All this shit is hitting it’s psychotic core.



I think the key point you make is the claim, by Joni Ernst, that she is NOT political. And that her supporters are not political.

This claim is false, of course, as she is a U.S. Senator. It is delusional, no?

Where does psychosis come in?


I also think, according to my definitions of psychotic and delusional, that Ernst is NOT delusional, she is psychotic, and I want to explain this further than my last reply.

See, what I’m getting at is the split from reality. Delusions have some reality in them. Psychosis is more of a denial of reality than a misinterpretation of it. These are my concepts, and open to scrutiny, and others may have more strict definitions, but I think mine is useful in the sense that it boils things down to their simplest distinctions.

This is important because I am claiming that the repression of science which is growing presently is, I believe, psychotic, not delusional. We think it’s delusional, perhaps, but it’s not. It’s psychotic.

This is a significant distinction to me because I want to impress upon people what I feel is the gravity of the situation. I believe we are dangerously close to teetering away from our happy little delusional state which already exists, to the psychotic.

And you don’t return from the psychotic. You end up with a dark ages, for millennia. I see this best in the newest efforts to ignore science, but it’s all over the place. Like with Max’s zombies.

In other words, don’t be lulled into thinking, well hell, Ernst is just delusional. She is psychotic.

She gets votes from people who are delusional, for their neurotic reasons, and from psychotics, for their zombie “reasons.” But this doesn’t really matter.

It’s just that we be awake to recognize psychosis, and how severe it is without minimization or misinterpretation, that matters now.


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