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This is an email that I sent to my friends, the writers and contributors to the ezine…

Guys, I am proud of the latest entries in the blog, and perhaps over the course of a few years now of this ezine, only one theme has developed fully, but it’s made the whole thing worthwhile.

The series of posts that started with Jon’s article on delusional and psychotic thought processes, I think is a worthwhile achievement. It was political in nature, and I made a conscious decision to make it the central organizing idea of the whole damn project. Max helped out early on with it, but he decided to focus more on apolitical writing, and frankly, I think that kind of writing is better in many ways than the overtly political themes that Jon and I pursued thereafter… Subtle themes that are personal in nature take lots of time to develop, but are often more aesthetic as artwork if they aren’t abandoned.

A lot of the ideas in the blog now, in the article on Dawn detergent, Jon and I have been talking about for years. It’s a culmination of lots of discussion, lots of thinking and effort. I actually was Jon’s editor, I think, for the past few years, and did a pretty good job of it.

Max’s blog entries about his dad and family are great and need time and more chapters to develop. I hope to read more Captains Logs in the future, and to understand those themes better, as I am personally deficient in family, and expert at not getting along with people, friends and family, wives of friends, and pissing people off generally.

(My dog digs holes in your lawn while I’m out fishing.)

But Jon’s ideas preoccupied me for nearly two years. I think they’re developed now fairly well.

I take credit as a collaborator and editor.

The latest blog entries are good and justify the preoccupation with the theme of delusional thoughts, and psychotic perversions.

I think the blog is mine, it’s my Beetle University. You are like my hand selected group of adjunct professors, and I am, in fact, the hyperactive, ADHD student…

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