Marketing 101

You can learn a lot from the marketing department.

Look at this item for sale on the Infowars website. It’s the third version of the t-shirt:


The same marketing people who are selling that, think their customers also need this:


Perhaps they know something about their customers that I don’t, although I’m not sure it makes sense, rationally, to make a connection between men who’d like to lock up a woman and men who need the super gonzo vitality pills.

But it’s an interesting thought and possibility.

For me, I’d just buy the gonzo vitality pills, without the shirt.

But the marketing department ain’t a room full of dummies, and they think they can sell both the shirt and the gonzo pills to the same dude.

They think they can sell this to that dude too:


You think the marketing department is right to think they can sell a “Hillary for Prison” shirt to the same white conservative dude, who needs BOTH boner AND brain pills?

Is that the target demographic for the t-shirt?

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