I have now read the article in the Cape Cod Times.

I urge you to read the link from the “small stream reflections” blog and the comments section.

The Cape Cod Times just happened to leave out suspicions of industrial pollution, new chemicals and new land development.


(Got this updated from Jon, 11.27.2015.)

Add the link below and whatever you feel is appropriate to the story in GB mag, eh?

One quote, of many:

“The most obvious threat was the Willow Bend development and its golf course. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection was fully aware, as far back as the 1990s, that the development’s water withdrawals could adversely impact the Santuit and its trout, yet as recently as early October Willow Bend was advertising in the Boston Globe that new houses were being built that featured between 3 and 5 bathrooms.”

Completely ignored by the cape cod times. Along with many other factors. The times chose to make it appears as if it were the feds and tree-hugging herring-lovers that unwittingly killed off the brookies in their ignorance and zeal.

Another factor not mentioned is a brand new outpatient hospital built by creating a huge unnatural cliff over the stream right where it crosses route 28, with it’s big old paved parking lot looming above.


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