Trump University

The Donald’s campaign for President is his latest scam.

Before that, it was Trump University. If you look up “Trump University” on Google, you’ll see this:


You don’t need to be a graduate of the now defunct Trump University to know that Donald J. Trump is a fraud. We know enough about him now to know he is a scammer.

I don’t blame the graduates of Trump’s real estate program, or suggest they should have recognized a fraud back then before falling victim to Trump; but sadly, they learned to spot the fraud at some point after paying $35,000 for a seat in the conference room at a local Holiday Inn or convention center, and are suing the Donald now to get their 35,000 dollars back…

In the video below, the Donald explains the Trump University concept: it’s about success! The same shit you’d learn at America’s best universities, like the Wharton School, but much, much better.

Why is Trump University better than Wharton and Harvard?

Trump’s explanation goes something like this:

The business schools take all of your time. They also take all of your money.

Trump University is better, he says, because it doesn’t take much of your time, although, according to filings in California district court, it still takes all of your money.

He pretty much admits it all in the video…

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