Disney CEO Bob Iger was paid 44,900,000 dollars in 2015. He innovated nothing, although he leveraged Disney’s wealth to acquire the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas. So Iger created nothing, although he leveraged his company’s economic power to increase its revenues substantially. On the strength of the new Star Wars movie, Disney reported record profits.

I am not sure whether Iger was a genius, in recognizing the value of the Star Wars franchise and acquiring it. He had the money to buy it, and he did. It seems a no brainer.

I think his genius is not comparable to, say, Steve Easterbook, CEO of McDonalds, the innovator of the all day breakfast menu and the new Chicken McGriddles sandwich (ideas for which he received a hefty 368% pay increase in 2015). But Iger’s paid very well, regardless of the fact that he has innovated nothing even close to either the Chicken McGriddles or the all day breakfast menu.

Disney owns ABC and ESPN, amongst other media entities. These media entities have considerable influence over politics.

Iger got fuming mad at the Sanders campaign this year, for suggesting that Disney underpays its workers, including those who stand outside in the searing heat in mouse costumes for minimum wage (to be fair, Iger published an editorial slamming the Sanders campaign, in which he clearly established that many Disney employees are paid more than the minimum wage of $7.25 – some make $8 or even 9, which indirectly cuts into Iger’s personal take home of 45 million).

To suggest that Disney should pay its employees a living wage was such an insult to Iger, that he wrote an editorial expressing his outrage at the idea that he pay his workers enough so that taxpayers aren’t subsidizing Disney’s starvation wages with food stamps and other social welfare programs that compensate for Disney’s unethical practice of paying starvation wages while the CEO is making 45,000,000…

Disney CEO Blasts Bernie Sanders for Accusing the Company of Paying Low Wages

Disney CEO Bob Iger Slams Bernie Sanders Again, Pleads for Lower Corporate Taxes


Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, cares a lot about money, but perhaps not so much about the public interest…

In 2015, Moonves was paid 57,000,000 dollars.

His media empire obviously influences politics. In this election cycle, Moonves said that Trump was “damn good for CBS,” and so, along with the rest of the mainstream media, contributed to the Trump campaign nearly 2 billion dollars of free advertising time on mainstream media networks.


How the media gave us Donald Trump

The collusion of the mainstream media with the DNC gave us Hillary Clinton. The recent document dump by WikiLeaks shows that.

So we can fairly conclude that the mainstream media is interested in politics, and interested in certain political outcomes, such as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and the defeat of the Sanders campaign.

How did we end up with Donald Trump?

Here are a few articles that provide important facts, that I’ll try to piece together in another blog entry later…

Donald Trump is “damn good for CBS!”

$2 billion in free media coverage for Trump

Trump spends 0 on ads during Olympics

Watch the first minute or so of the YouTube video below… Trump basically says he won the ratings war against Hillary, by getting 3 million more viewers for his RNC speech than Clinton for her DNC speech. Perhaps it follows that providing free media coverage to The Donald makes better business sense than covering his competition?


Viacom is a media company that innovates nothing, except contracts that pay their executives outrageous amounts of money for absolutely nothing.

The CEO of Viacom made 55,000,000 dollars in 2015, and he innovated nothing himself; though his terrible job performance inspired his attorneys to negotiate an innovative “golden parachute” just for him, that could pay out $90 million in the event he is forced to resign for incompetence (i.e., not being able to get along with Sumner Redstone’s billion dollar heiress daughter).

Until 2005, Viacom was part of CBS, when they separated into two distinct corporate entities (corporations are people, but they replicate asexually – like amoebas). Where there had been just one grossly overpaid CEO, there were two grossly overpaid CEOs after the 2005 split.

Today Viacom owns Paramount pictures, MTV and BET, amongst other mainstream media assets.

Think about this when someone in the mainstream media, a news anchor or reporter – perhaps working for Viacom or CBS – asks how America can possibly afford universal healthcare, or paid family leave, or free public university, or universal pre-K..


All day breakfast menu

I am sure that I couldn’t have created a website as awesome as Facebook, or a machine as useful as the iPhone. I don’t understand how to download an app, let alone create one. These innovators deserve some space to operate freely, and not be constrained by political ideology… I am perhaps a socialist, but not so confident in my socialism as to force it upon guys far smarter than me in their fields.

That’s why I would be very cautious before regulating, through taxation or otherwise, the creative geniuses who make America the most innovative country in the world.

One such creative genius is the CEO of McDonald’s, Steve Easterbrook. McDonald’s is reporting record breaking profits, and he is the reason.

Easterbrook, like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, is an innovator. His brainchild?

The all day breakfast menu.

Before his idea, eggs were not fried after 11 am, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Steve Easterbrook, and his idea, changed the world. Due to sales of midday McMuffins, egg prices are on the rise – worldwide – and profits are soaring at McDonald’s.

But his impact isn’t limited to economics; he should be credited for changing long antiquated and oppressive social norms – i.e., bringing closeted afternoon and evening egg eaters out into the open.

He’s innovated the menu in other ways, too. His latest idea is the McChicken McGriddles. It’s a McChicken patty on a McGriddles bun.

The guy is a creative force.

That’s why his salary increased by 368% this year, and is approaching 8 million bucks…

Universal basic income

Universal basic income? Absolutely yes.

Don’t delude yourself and believe that the CEOs of Disney, Viacom and Verizon invented anything, or are extraordinary at anything other than lining their own pockets, and wearing expensive suits.

Walt Disney – long dead – made Disney great.

The current CEO is a moron who makes 40 million per year, or thereabouts.

The CEO of Verizon, who makes about the same money, invented nothing.

Don’t delude yourself to believe he invented the cellular phone, or anything else. He is expert only at cutting costs by displacing American labor. In all other respects, he is a moron, although admittedly he is good at cutting costs by displacing American workers.

That’s what he does well.

Universal basic income is the solution. It would put a disincentive on outsourcing, as the universal basic income would be paid from corporate taxes and capping CEO income.

I’ll write a full article on this and justify it morally…

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