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    I recently finished reading an article posted on penned by a faux Alaskan with the desire of, with the misuse of several multi-syllable words, saving a Salmon fishery.

    At first glance, this child’s attempt to articulate how a recent-transplant in Alaska feels about the looming threat of a coal mine disrupting the native spawning grounds of Pacific Salmon appears to be a worthy one.

    Upon second thought, it is signed by not just a fishing guide, a professional fishing guide, at that. Sounds like a good cause. Yet, here you have an individual reaping the benefits of a resource from this habitat. Meanwhile, this same individual’s point of view is that another specific individual, or corporation, should not be able to reap the benefits of a different resource from this same speficic habitat.

    What gives a professional fishing guide the right to profit from an anadramous return and not another individual? Entitlement. Liberal thinking. This nonsense spewed out from some hippie in Alaska does not alter my belief in Capitalism and the American dream. How can one individual decide that his impact upon a resource is permissable but not anothers? Progressive ideas, that’s how. It’s a page taken directly from Nancy Pelosi’s playbook.

    Let’s get back to the good ol’ US of A that my forefathers lived for. I prefer the words from a much more well-known, highly-respected patriot, “Drill baby, drill”. This Liberal hysteria that some Salmon might die due to the proposed mining practices are complete nonsense. From my Conservative point of view, professional fishing guides have as little of an impact as do coal mines. Coal mining is actually a very safe practice of extracting resources valuable to human existence. I do not advocate salmon farms, but the author of this njflyfishing article did not present one fact founded in a study to prove or support his thesis. Rather, this typical liberal relied on the audience ‘taking his word for it’. Just like our Nation took Obama’s word that he would end the war in the Middle East. Liberal rhetoric = lies.

    In summary, do not listen to the Liberal rhetoric spewed on that njflyfishing website. Our nation is too strong to let a professional fishing lobbyist tell us what is good and bad for us.

    God bless the US of A


    Colonel Klinkhammer

    dead drift,

    that dude is not a hippy.

    but he is a poor writer.

    carry on.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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